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The fairytale so far ...
  Will she/he talk to me ? ...
    Date me ? ...
       Like me ? ...
         Love me ? ...
           Marry me ? ...
Whether you want a Jewish Celebrant in Perth to conduct your marriage ceremony. Or Catholic/Anglican celebrant, or no religion at all.  
That's where Steve comes in ...  Steve is a male, 'Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant,' offering an exclusive, premium service to couples in Perth, Western Australia, by conducting weddings Full-Time (7 days a week). He is also proud to be one of Caversham House, Joondalup Resort, The Vines Resort, Belvoir Homestead and the Swan Valley's most recommended celebrants. Steve is Perth's only 'boutique' wedding celebrant, so he will only conduct around 100 wedding ceremonies every year. These select ceremonies that he does conduct, however, are for couples who want more than just a bland, lacklustre ceremony. They want classic elegance; the fairytale; the dream wedding that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. If this is the experience you want for yourselves, then Steve would like to invite you to please read on.

This and every 'Photo Frame' shows 6 Weddings -
3 Weddings @ Peel Manor House   |   Sittella Winery   |   Subiaco Common.
3 more Weddings @ Bridgeleigh   |   Brookleigh Estate   |   Wanneroo Botanical Gardens.

You can be confident that Steve will always come impeccably dressed. He will never wear some old, tattered suit, any strange looking hats, bizarre checkered/purple shirts or red ties to spoil your photos. Couples who book Steve's services don't want a comedy routine or a comedian for a celebrant. As testimony that he always strives for perfection, please take the opportunity to read through the Perth Celebrant Testimonials (over 500) from past couples. Easyweddings has also given Steve the highest rating of 5 out of 5 stars - 'Perth's Highest Rated/Most Reviewed Marriage Celebrant'. Would you like to read over 270 verified, genuine reviews on the Easyweddings wedding directory ? We are sure you'll find them very informative.

Testimonial from Jen & Joe (2015):
"Steve is a friendly celebrant with a kind heart and sunny disposition. Jen and I were very pleased with how the ceremony went. We were very grateful to him for guiding us through it. He is such a nice person to work with! He was wonderful and helped us prepare for this big event. Steve was cheerful with a clear and booming voice that brought a smile to the wedding party and guests. Lots of friends and family members were delighted and impressed by him. My mum was particularly very thankful to him. She is a little deaf and was delighted by Steve's distinctive and remarkable voice. He was such a hit at the ceremony!"
Testimonial from Ruby & John (2014):
"Steve is an excellent celebrant who made our day very special! Steve spoke loud and clear and made the ceremony very enjoyable for everyone. John and I are grateful to Steve for delivering such a heartfelt wedding which was really enjoyed by all our guests. His service was outstanding, thank you very much! We will definitely recommend Steve to our family and friends that are thinking of having a wedding. We can not thank him enough!"
This and every 'Photo Frame' shows 6 Weddings -
3 Weddings @ Brookleigh   |   Mindarie Marina   |   Willow Pond.
3 more Weddings @ Jabe Dodd Park   |   Onyesha Spa Gardens   |   Bay View Park.
Steve is a happily married, family man, who is deeply in love with his wife, and a very experienced and highly professional marriage celebrant Perth who takes pride in conducting professional and exceptional wedding ceremonies. Do you seek a celebrant that dresses the part - he will add a touch of class to your elegant ceremony by wearing his trademark black, 'wedding' tuxedo (a.k.a., English 'morning' suit) and golden tie and vest to every wedding! Steve is also very popular with couples wanting a vintage themed wedding. From Perth Jewish wedding ceremonies involving the traditional, 'breaking of the glass', to Chinese Tea Ceremonies, to the ancient Celtic tradition of 'handfasting' at Perth weddings - Steve has probably done them all.

Testimonial from Hanna & Dan (2010):
"Steve's style is unlike any other celebrant in Perth. Steve is very different to other celebrants which is why we chose him to be our celebrant. If you have ever been to any of the ceremonies Steve has conducted you will know what we mean. We loved how he speaks with such power, volume and expression, clarity and articulation, unlike some of those celebrants we've seen who just speak in the same monotonous droning voice. And we loved the words he spoke, just the right amount of elegance and charm. Several guest also pointed out how dapper Steve looked in his 3 piece morning suit. Add to these attributes, perfect coordination of our ceremony music, and amazing attention to detail and you get who we believe is the best, most unique celebrant in Perth! A sentiment shared by many of our guests, I might add. We couldn't praise Steve's contribution to our wedding highly enough. Thank you."

This and every 'Photo Frame' shows 6 Weddings -
3 Weddings @ Barrett Lane   |   Mosman Park Golf Club   |   J.H. Abrahams Reserve.
3 more Wedding @ Isle of Voyage   |   South of Perth Yacht Club   |   Barrett Lane.
Testimonial from Tegan & Paul (2015):
"We were very happy with Steve as our celebrant and we would definitely recommend him. Steve, thank you very much for being our celebrant at Portofinos Restaurant. We were very happy with our ceremony and the whole day/night was just perfect and we wouldn't change a thing! The guests also commented on how they enjoyed having Steve as the celebrant for our wedding. Thanks for explaining everything to us and making me feel reassured on the day about what I had to do etc. So just wanted to thank you again."
This and every 'Photo Frame' shows 6 different Weddings -
3 Weddings @ Bridgeleigh   |   Sittella Winery   |   Sir James Mitchell Park.
3 more Weddings @ Bridgeleigh   |   Joondalup Resort   |   Wanneroo Botanic Gardens.


Steve works from his lavish, purpose-built, dedicated marriage celebrant's office , located in Dianella, and he is available to conduct wedding ceremonies, 7 days a week. Over the years, Steve has conducted over one thousand elegant weddings throughout the Swan Valley and Perth metro area - in wineries, golf and yacht clubs, restaurants, reception centres, ballrooms; and everywhere in between. Steve specialises in lavish Swan Valley, Joondalup Resort and Vines Resort wedding ceremonies. Vintage wedding venues which he can personally recommend, having conducted ceremonies at each of them in the past are Joondalup Resort, Vines Resort, Caversham House, Sandalford Winery, Mulberry on Swan, Rosehill Country Club, Upper Reach Winery, Oakover Winery, Sittella Winery, Darlington Estate Winery, Carilley Estate Winery, Pinelli Winery, Belvoir Homestead, Oasis Resort, Brookleigh, The Bell Tower, Bridgeleigh, Burswood on Swan, The Old Brewery, Hillarys Yacht Club, Lamont's Bishop's House, Araluen Golf Resort, Valley View, Core Cider House, W.A. Museum and Art Gallery, Indiana Restaurant, Esplanade Hotel Fremantle, Crown Perth, Cottesloe Civic Centre Gardens, University of Western Australia, Peel Manor House, Willow Pond, Tsunami Restaurant, Portofinos Restaurant, Villa Pourzand, Wanneroo Botanical Gardens, Matilda Bay Restaurant, Fraser's Restaurant, Duxton Hotel, Hyatt Hotel, Rendezvous Hotel, Karrinyup Golf Course, Perth Zoo, and many, many more. When you have finished through the website, please ask yourselves if these are the style of ceremonies you have planned for your special day? If they are, then Steve would love to have the opportunity to conduct your marriage ceremony too.

Testimonial from Ai & Dave (2014):
"We enjoyed our ceremony very much (despite the nerves) and were very pleased with Steve's professionalism and organisation. Steve is extremely thorough and has exceptionally high attention to detail, so you can be sure that your wedding ceremony will be incident free. All our music was played perfectly, which is a special service Steve provides free of any extra charges. We will definitely recommend Steve's services to our friends that will be getting married in the future. Thank you very much!!!"

This and every 'Photo Frame' shows 6 Weddings -
3 Weddings @ Sir James Mitchell Park   |   Wanneroo Botanical Gardens   |   Bay View Park.
3 more Weddings @ Council House Gardens   |   Queens Gardens   |   Rosehill Country Club.
Testimonial from Peta & Hans (2011):
"The first time we 'met' Steve was when he was the celebrant at one of our close friend's wedding and then we saw him at several of our other friends' weddings. Each time we saw him conduct a wedding we were more and more sure that we wanted him to conduct ours. What really impressed us about Steve was the way he spoke. He delivers the ceremony with so much vitality and enerygy that when he spoke at weddings, guests listened to every word. We could tell that he is passionate about weddings and that he really loves what he does and that's EXACTLY what we wanted in our celebrant! Our ceremony was everything we wanted it to be and we strongly feel that Steve played a major part in that. We have continued to recommend his services highly to all our friends so no doubt we will be seeing Steve again very soon."
Testimonial from Channy & Alex (2015):
"We were very impressed with Steve's professionalism. He delivered exactly what he'd promised to us! He is a very confident celebrant. His speech was very clear and he made our wedding ceremony at Caversham House a memorable one. Thanks again Steve for a wonderful ceremony!"
This and every 'Photo Frame' shows 6 different Weddings -
3 Weddings @ University of Western Australia   |   Queens Gardens   |   Edith Cowan University.
3 more Weddings @ Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club   |   Mindarie Marina   |   Swan Valley Oasis Resort.


Testimonial from Michelle and Cameron (2008):
"We always dreamed of having our vintage wedding at Caversham House in the Swan Valley and Steve made it happen just the way we imagined it. Steve did a wonderful job and he spoke and dressed perfectly for the occasion. As we were having a vintage themed wedding, Steve's traditional-style morning suit and waistcoat was absolutely perfect - love the golden tie! We are very, very grateful and appreciative of the hard work he put into our wedding. All our guests commented on his excellent professionalism and the exuberance and passion in which he spoke. We truly believe that it was his presentation that made our ceremony the success that it was. Steve, we can't thank you enough for everything you did."
Testimonial from Candice & Darren (2015):
"We had an amazing day and couldn't have asked for a better ceremony. Steve was so thorough and really helped keep our nerves in check. Steve was so professional and enthusiastic and we couldn't have asked for more from a celebrant. We had many positive comments from our guests and we just wanted to say a big thank you."
This and every 'Photo Frame' shows 6 different Weddings -
3 Weddings @ Valley View Restaurant   |   Bridgeleigh   |   Rosehill Country Club.
3 more Weddings @ Queens Gardens   |   Cottesloe Civic Centre   |   Market Square Park.

Testimonial from Jenny & Nicholas (2009):
"We were exceptionally pleased with the whole process of our wedding ceremony and impressed with how passionately and enthusiastically and LOUD Steve conducted it - 200 guests and everyone said they heard every word! They even said they heard me with my whisper quiet voice thanks to the exceptional quality of the microphones he provided. Steve was always very approachable, supportive and helpful (especially with the last minute candle lighting ceremony!). I would definitely recommend him to all of my future brides friends. Steve, thank you so much of your assistance along the way, it was very much appreciated."

Testimonial from Katherine and Simon (2008):
"Steve went above and beyond to make our wedding ceremony perfect. From the moment we signed the forms, to the day of the marriage, we felt like we had chosen the best celebrant in Perth. We went all out on the ceremony to make it our dream wedding at the Vines Resort and we are glad that we chose Steve to be an integral part of it."
This and every 'Photo Frame' shows 6 different Weddings -
3 Weddings @ Queens Gardens   |   Tsunami Restaurant   |   Willow Pond.
3 more Weddings @ Rosehill Country Club   |   Matilda Bay Reserve   |    Hyde Park.
Testimonial from Brooke & Nicholas (2013):
"Brooke and I both, could not have been happier with the way Steve conducted our ceremony in joining us as husband and wife. It was a great pleasure to have him at Sandalford Winery. His enthusiasm and boisterous personality was a real key to the overall success of our ceremony, especially in the tricky weather conditions. Brooke and I can't thank him enough and we would happily do a wonderful recommendation on his performance."
Testimonial from Lisa & Murray (2011):
"The wedding ceremony was wonderful! Steve did a marvellous job, especially under the circumstances (so windy). Many people commented on how great he was, with several saying he was the best celebrant they had heard at a wedding. I was especially so thankful that we were able to be heard on top of all the winds - thank god we used Steve's loud PA Equipment! Not that Steve really needed a microphone - he has a naturally loud and clear voice. The energy with which he performed our ceremony is still being talked about amongst the guests. His services will be highly recommended by us. Thanks again for helping make our wedding day one of the best days of our lives."
This and every 'Photo Frame' shows 6 different Weddings -
3 Weddings @ Swan Shell   |   Oakover Winery   |   Scented Gardens.
3 more Weddings @ Charles Court Reserve   |   Heathcote Reserve   |   Sir James Mitchell Park.
Testimonial from Candice & Paul (2009):
"Steve made our special day at the Vines Resort perfect! We had enough to worry about on the day and we didn't want to bother any of our guests with the important job of coordinating the music like our friends had to at their weddings. So Steve made the effort to make us feel relaxed and comfortable by taking care of the music for us. He has a very pleasant nature about him, a patient and friendly personality. The ceremony ran like clock work and everyone was glued to every word he said. We would have no hesitation in recommending Steve. We will be forever thankful for choosing his services."
Testimonial from Sarndra & Paul (2015):
"Steve has a strong voice and he is a well coordinated professional. Although he already has a powerful voice, he used a microphone to ensure that the people right at the back could also hear the whole ceremony. We were very pleased with the ceremony, thank you."
This and every 'Photo Frame' shows 6 different Weddings -
3 Weddings @ Birdwood Park   |   Pelican Point   |   Queens Gardens.
3 more Weddings @ G.O. Edwards Park   |   Harold Boas Gardens   |   Arch Monument.
Testimonial from Emily & Leon (2014):
"We were so happy with our wedding ceremony. We felt like everything ran really smoothly and it was so easy! Everyone loved the ceremony and were commenting on how nice the whole day was! Steve was very organised and helpful with the wedding. We loved the fact that Steve was in control of the music for the ceremony. Highly recommended!"
Testimonial from Deb & Steve (2010):
"Many thanks to Steve for marrying us both on the weekend and for the preparation he put into the big day. It was a beautiful day and perfect setting we thought. We had a great time and are truly grateful for Steve's part in our special day. We had so many wonderful comments about the spectacular way in which our ceremony was conducted. You can be sure that I would only recommend Steve to our friends for their marriage celebrant."
This and every 'Photo Frame' shows 6 different Weddings -
3 Weddings @ Queens Gardens   |   Joondalup Resort   |   Matilda Bay Reserve.
3 more Weddings @ Sandalford Winery   |   Bridgeleigh   |   Rosehill Country Club.
Testimonial from Hope & Dave (2012):
"Steve was amazing and he walked us through the ceremony time and time again. He explained every minute detail of the ceremony and he was just so passionate and excited about our wedding. We had never done this before and had no idea what needed to be done, so we just felt so much better that we had chosen a celebrant who was as experienced and confident as Steve. It just made the experience so much more enjoyable and the whole time he just kept reassuring us that he would do everything possible to make the day perfect. And he even managed to keep Dave calm on the day, before I arrived! Everything ran very smoothly from start to finish. Steve obviously loves what he does and pays great attention to details. I don't think there is anybody in Perth who could have done a better job than him. Would highly recommend Steve to anyone thinking of getting married, for sure."
This and every 'Photo Frame' shows 6 different Weddings -
3 Weddings @ Matilda Bay Restaurant   |   University of W.A.   |   Hyde Park.
3 more Weddings @ Scented Gardens   |   Bridgeleigh   |   Araluen Botanic Park.
Testimonial from Robert & Kate (2010):
"Kate and I would like to thank Steve for everything he did for us leading up to and including our ceremony. It was very well presented and set out by him and I thought that he might like to know that I had a lot of comments from a lot of our guests about how much of a good job he did. Another guest said to me that, "the celebrant did a really great service. You can tell he is passionate about his job". So from Kate and myself, thank you very much. We were proud to have his services as a part of our wedding day."
Testimonial from Charlotte & Graham (2015):
"We can't thank Steve enough for making our wedding everything we could have wanted and more. He was absolutely fantastic from start to finish and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others. Thank you so much for being our celebrant. The ceremony was lovely and we had such a wonderful day! I was so nervous but Steve made it fun and relaxing. Thank you Steve for a truly memorable day."
  3 Weddings @ Mindarie Marina   |   University of Western Australia   |   Bayside Kitchen Matilda Bay.
1 more Wedding @ Queens Gardens.
Testimonial from Bianca & Lewis (2010):
"We had the best service from Steve and the ceremony was fantastic! He made us laugh from day one. He just made the whole experience so easy and so stress-free, because he's so passionate about what he does. You can tell he really cares about your ceremony. Definitely added that special touch to our day at Sandalford Winery last Saturday. So many compliments from guests too. We would both definitely recommend Steve to any couple who want a wonderful celebrant for their wedding."
Testimonial from Sharon & Chee (2015):
"We were very pleased with the wedding ceremony. Everyone enjoyed it and commented on how good Steve was. Thank you for providing the fairytale ceremony experience!! We will recommend Steve to any friends who would be getting married."
2 Weddings @ Swan Valley Oasis Resort   |   Araluen Botanic Park.
2 more Weddings @ Harold Boas Gardens   |   Garungup Park.
Testimonial from Audrey & Harold (2010):
"Steve created a beautiful ceremony. Our friends commented time and time again about how elegant and personal the ceremony felt. It was more beautiful than we could have imagined. Steve's personality really shone through. Everybody noticed the effort he made and so did we. Thank you for making it a most memorable experience for us, our friends, and our families, even through skype as well!"
Testimonial from Jamee & Steven (2015):
"Steve was very friendly and provided an absolutely fabulous service from the first contact, and kept following up to make sure everything was going right. Of course, the wedding ceremony was wonderful with Steve as our celebrant. We had a fantastic experience and very much appreciate all of Steve's help."
2 Weddings @ The Red Herring Restaurant   |   Kings Park Gardens.
2 more Weddings @ Bay View Park   |   Guildford Landing F.C.
Testimonial from Laura & Benjamin (2010):
"Thank you so much for helping make the day perfect at The Belvoir in the Swan Valley. We thought Steve was great and very professional. We had a lot of comments from guests at the wedding saying how good he was. Everyone loved the energy and excitement in his voice as he conducted the ceremony. They said his enthusiasm really made a difference and it was unlike any other celebrant they had heard before. Thank you so much, brilliant job! We can not recommend him highly enough."
This and every 'Photo Frame' shows 6 different Weddings -
3 Weddings @ Heathcote Reserve   |   Matilda Bay Reserve   |   Queens Gardens.
3 more Weddings @ Sir James Mitchell Park   |   Queens Gardens   |   Swan Shell.
Testimonial from Michelle & Stuart (2010):
"We are so happy with the ceremony on our wedding day at the Bell Tower. We have just received our wedding video today and watched it again and again. Steve did such a wonderful and professional job, so a big thanks to him for not only performing the perfect ceremony, but also for the perfect ceremony music. Great tie, by the way!!! Thanks again for everything, we really appreciated all your efforts!"
2 Weddings @  Garungup Park   |   Swan Fountain.
1 more Wedding @ Hyde Park.
Testimonial from Jacqueline & Michael (2011):
"Steve, was really well organised, and everything went exactly as we had wished. We were both very happy with the wedding ceremony at the Vines Resort in the Swan Valley. I especially liked the way the music fitted in perfectly, at all the right moments. We appreciated the input that we had in choosing our personal vows. This would have been quite daunting for us without the help of the material that Steve provided for our selection/inspiration. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the ceremony itself. All of the comments we had from guests afterwards were very impressive. Thank you so much - we truly feel like we had the best celebrant in Perth."
2 Weddings @ Araluen Botanic Park   |   Charles Court Reserve.
1 more Wedding @ Harold Boas Gardens.
Testimonial from Jacqueline & Tristan (2012):
"Where do we start, firstly thank you, thank you, thank you! Our wedding ceremony was perfect. I do remember thinking I was going to have a panic attack as I was so nervous when saying my vows. I looked at Tristan he was just as nervous, then I glanced at you. I remember you giving us what looked like a cheeky grin, which put us at ease instantly! Our guests all said it was the best ceremony they had seen, your voice and professionalism was second to none! Once again, Thank You."
3 Weddings @ Cottesloe Civic Gardens   |   Willow Pond   |   Swan Valley Oasis Resort.
2 more Weddings @ Rosehill Country Club   |   Swan Valley Oasis Resort.
Testimonial from Tonya & Graham (2011):
"Steve we were very impressed with Steve's services at our ceremony at Caversham House in the Swan Valley. We had the most perfect day and so many of our guests came up to us later and commented on how beautiful our ceremony was thanks to Steve. The power in his voice and your overall presentation was just amazing. It will be a day we will remember for the rest of our lives. We are so grateful and will definitely be recommending Steve as a exceptional celebrant to all of our friends."
2 Weddings @ Matilda Bay Reserve   |   Scarborough Amphitheatre.
1 more Wedding @ University of Western Australia.
Testimonial from Barbara & Chris (2011):
"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for conducting such a lovely ceremony for us! Chris and I thoroughly enjoyed our day. We both loved our ceremony! It was uncomplicated but honest and sincere. Thank you also for pronouncing my name correctly, my parents thought that was very thoughtful of you! I really wish I had more words to praise to Steve. Looking back on our ceremony I remember how smooth and effortless everything went and that was exactly how we wanted it. Thanks for making our day so special. Thank you again for everything, we will be recommending Steve services to anyone who needs a celebrant!"
This and every 'Photo Frame' shows 6 different Weddings -
3 Weddings @ Queens Gardens   |   Burswood Park Golf Club   |   Central Park.
3 more Weddings @ G.O. Edwards Park   |   Waters Edge Winery   |   Stirk Park.
One of the most common complaints Steve hears about other Perth celebrants is how they made inappropriate jokes at the ceremony, which no one found humorous, and were constantly trying to be the focus of attention by having guests focus on them, instead of the bride and groom. You can be assured, Steve does not do that. Would you like to read another 500 Perth marriage celebrant reviews and testimonials from past couples? Yes? Then please click this link to view Steve's ' Testimonials/Reviews ' page.
Testimonial from Habidah & Vishnu (2014):
"The ceremony had been great, and I am still thinking about it - it just went by too fast. I was looking forward to each minute of it. Everything went well, on time and we enjoyed every moment. All my guest particularly mentioned about how high and low Steve's tone of voice went, to indicate and grab the attention of all whom were present there. I liked his sense of precision and orderly manner in doing every thing in detail. Steve even paid great attention to our personal vows, and suggested words that would sound better at the ceremony. And he also suggested and coordinated songs as the bride walked in, etc. He got back to us, and kept in touch after every meeting and before each one too. We had a great time working with Steve and would sure recommend him to all we know. Thank you so much for being our marriage celebrant!"
This and every 'Photo Frame' shows 6 different Weddings -
3 Weddings @ Kings Park; 'Rotunda 1'   |   'Roe Gardens'   |   'Kaarta Gar-Up Lookout'.
3 more Weddings @ 'Old Tea Pavilion'   |   'Water Garden Pavilion'   |   'Vietnam Memorial Pavilion'.
Testimonial from Emma & Anthony (2017):
"Over the past several years Steve has been the celebrant at my sister's wedding, Tony's sister's wedding, my matron of honour's and both of Tony's groomsmen's weddings, and he was one of the recommended celebrants for Mandoon Estate, so we didn't even consider hiring anyone else for our wedding ceremony. And we are so glad we did. He delivered a perfect and beautiful ceremony with the same enthusiasm and passion and excitement that he always delivers. There is no question who we will be recommending for our friends' weddings."
3 Weddings @ Queens Gardens   |   Hyde Park   |   Swan Shell.
2 more Wedding @ Matilda Bay Restaurant   |   'Marlee Pavilion', Kings Park.
Testimonial from Anita & Jonathan (2014):
"Steve was very easy to meet with and he was so approachable. He was organised, which we were pleased with. Steve was very experienced which made us feel confident. On the day, we loved our ceremony at Mulberry on Swan. We were very pleased with Steve's celebrant service and received great feedback from wedding guests that he was very entertaining."
This and every 'Photo Frame' shows 6 different Weddings -
3 Weddings @ Queens Gardens   |   Mindarie Marina   |   Sir James Mitchell Park.
3 more Weddings @ Sir James Mitchell Park   |   Harold Boas Gardens   |   Araluen Botanic Park.
So please don't delay - dates in 2022 and 2023 are already quickly being booked. Contact Steve today to reserve a date for your wedding. As one of Perth's most experienced and in demand wedding celebrants, please consider meeting with him to discuss the professional service he can offer you to compliment your dream wedding ceremony. With Steve as your celebrant, you will be able to create a marriage ceremony that will be one of the most magical and memorable events of your lives - just like the couples in these photographs.
This and every 'Photo Frame' shows 6 different Weddings -
3 Weddings @ Whiteman Park   |   Swan Valley Oasis Resort   |   Pioneer Park.
3 more Weddings @ Quarantine Park   |   Freshwater Lake   |   Flinders Park.
Testimonial from Mimma & Michael (2016):
"A BIG thank you for officiating at our ceremony at The State Reception Centre in Kings Park. We were both very nervous and Steve guided us calmly through the ceremony with commanding ease. He managed to keep me from crying and becoming emotional during the course of the ceremony ... no mean feat. Our guests commented on how they thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony, it was refreshing, charming and fun. We also appreciated Steve's organised process and attention to detail throughout the pre-wedding preparation. Thank you once again."
This and every 'Photo Frame' shows 6 different Weddings -
3 Weddings @ Harold Boas Gardens   |   Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club   |   Kings Park.
3 more Weddings @ Point Walter Reserve   |   Swan Shell   |   Discovery Park.
To view Steve's fees and a comprehensive list of all the inclusions that this fee includes, including the special discount he is currently offering, please view his ' Fees and Services' page or just click on the following link - Fees and Services .
Once you have booked the venue and decided on a ceremony start time, please take the opportunity to enquire if Steve is available for your marriage ceremony by E-mail or by completing his ' Wedding Enquiry Form' below and he will get back to you. Steve guarantees a very quick response to your enquiry.
( Important: Please include both the time & venue of your ceremony when enquiring about Steve's availability. Thank you.)

The Celebrant Perth - Wedding Enquiry Form

Important: Please include both the Time & Venue of your Wedding Ceremony.

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