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Renewal of Vows / Reaffirmation of Vows: The Celebrant Perth

The renewal of your vows is the perfect opportunity to finally have that lavish, fairytale wedding that you always dreamed you'd one day have!
Steve is renowned for specialising in conducting classically elegant, fairytale wedding ceremonies for couples in Perth.
Steve is also often contacted by couples who have already had their legal marriage ceremony, but this ceremony was either not as memorable as they would have liked, or didn't invite all of their family and friends, or both. Perhaps, you chose to elope, or had your ceremony overseas or interstate, or you needed to make your union legal, or you simply couldn't afford your dream wedding at the time? For some, the timing wasn't right and for others, the ceremony couldn't be in Perth, so your friends and family from Perth missed out.
So it is with pleasure that Steve would like to offer his services to couples who are legally married, but are finally ready to have their classically elegant and spectacular wedding ceremony. The kind of ceremony that resembles the fairytale marriage ceremony that the bride has always dreamt of having. One that she is proud to invite all of her friends and family to.
Your ceremony will seem to your family and friends just like a 'real' marriage ceremony and will contain all of the traditional elements that you would expect to have, other than the signing of a legal marriage certificate.
If this is what you have always wanted, please contact Steve to help make your dream wedding day, finally, a reality.
Please do not hesitate to enquire about Steve's availability for your reaffirmation of vows wedding ceremony.  

(Please include time & venue of your ceremony, when enquiring)
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