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Kings Park Wedding Celebrant: The Celebrant Perth
Kings Park's premier wedding celebrant with the Golden tie!

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As an experienced Perth wedding celebrant, and having conducted many classically elegant wedding ceremonies at Kings Park, I can certainly recommend Kings Park and Botanic Garden as one of Perth's most beautiful public park / garden wedding venues.
Thank you for considering Kings Park and Botanic Garden as a venue for your wedding. The park and gardens offer ideal locations for garden weddings in beautiful surroundings and with stunning views of Perth City and the Swan River.
Marlee Pavilion
Kaarta Gar-up Lookout
Water Garden Pavilion
A wedding is a very personal occasion. Use the information provided in this section to ensure your special day is a great success and to protect the important conservation values of Kings Park.
You must get permission from the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority to hold your wedding ceremony in Kings Park and Botanic Garden or Bold Park and fees will apply. Your ceremony booking will be entered into a booking system to ensure that your chosen venue at Kings Park will be available on your wedding day.
Please note that bookings cannot be made for weddings or functions during the month of September due to the Kings Park Festival. Bookings are restricted in the Botanic Garden precinct and along Fraser Avenue during the Summer Events Season from late October until late December and from 1 February through 30 April each year.
You can choose from a number of heritage pavilions, rotundas and gazebos, or shaded grassed areas at Kings Park. Upon deciding on your preferred wedding ceremony venue, we highly recommend that you visit Kings Park and Botanic Garden to ensure that the venue will meet your needs.
Aspects of Kings Park gallery shop provides a wedding gift voucher registry service. This service will help make life easy for you and your wedding guests.
To compliment the sheer elegance and classic ambience of Kings Park and Botanic Gardens, why not choose Kings Park's premier wedding celebrant - The Celebrant Perth?
I look forward to discussing your fairytale Kings Park wedding with you, very soon.